Alexander Kharitonov


I'm Alexander Kharitonov,
VP of Engineering @ Coin Metrics.

I like to make the best things in the world rocket


About me

Java/Kotlin high-performance enthusiast 36 y.o. currently based in place Moscow, Russia.

Deep knowledge in high-performance Java/Kotlin, distributed, and Big Data systems architecture.

I like to find the most effective and simple solutions to complex problems and deliver results as soon as possible.

Experience in developing popular and highly loaded startups from scratch for over 21 years.

Acted as a Lead Software Engineer, Team Lead, Founder, or sole full-stack developer in most projects.

I know how to build complex but reliable systems and do this currently.

For more, see my projects, achievements, media & publications.

Top Interests & Skills

  • Kotlin/Java
  • Startups
  • System architecture
  • Performance optimization
  • Distributed systems
  • Reliability
  • Troubleshooting
  • Linux
  • Full-stack
  • Team Leading
  • Founder
  • more...
  • Painting
  • Science
  • Research

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