Alexander Kharitonov | Projects
Software Architecture @ Coin Metrics
VP of Engineering

What I've done as a VP of Engineering:

  • Created "Chain Monitor" Coin Metrics product (FARUM).
  • Establishing various company-wide engineering standards, reliability guidelines, API design specifications, common libraries, and services to maintain consistency between different projects and teams.
  • Software engineering and scaling strategy, making architectural decisions.
  • Software engineering oversight and reducing the complexity and maintainability of solutions.
  • Incident prediction, resolving, and troubleshooting.
  • Scaling engineering org structure, interviewing candidates, and mentoring technical leaders.
  • Got O-1, EB-2 NIW (US) & Global Talent (UK) visas and ultimately moved to Boston.
  • Developed the next-generation specialized distributed database and high-performant query engine to work with terabytes of data.

What I've done as a Lead Software Engineer (till Jan 2021):

  • Created a highly loaded, distributed, and reliable Coin Metrics API (API v4)
  • Created an Access Management System for API keys (AMS API)
  • Created a Universal Blockchain Explorer API (ATLAS API)
  • Created a Distributed rate-limiting system for API calls
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AppMetr @ Pixonic
Lead Software Engineer / Team Lead

The architecture of in-house distributed, high-load, fault-tolerant analytical system AppMetr. It handles more than 1 billion events per day, stores more than 100 Tb of data.

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HighloadDistributed SystemsJavaApache Cassandra

One of the most popular multi-user chat room services.

SkyPetr @ VS Lab
Lead Java Developer

The server part of a distributed system for collecting and analyzing publicly available information on the Internet.


More than a social aggregator. It was launched before FriendFeed which was ultimately sold to Facebook.

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City Chat / Space Doors / CD.RU
Lead Java Developer / Team Lead

Created a cross-platform social network City Chat / Spacedoors / CD.RU.

It had chat rooms where people could communicate using any device (J2ME & Symbian mobile phones, a website). It was similar to WhatsUp and launched before WhatsUp.

I was responsible for the architecture and core services of the system..

Some insight can be found here.

HighloadDistributed SystemsJavaHTML/CSS/JSJ2MESymbian
Lead Software Engineer


- A Pushkino city website / popular local social network from scratch (PHP)

- Online stores (PHP)

- Internet Club management software (Java)

Freelance projects

Development and sale of own software and websites.